Board Visits Historic Firehouse To Assess Possible Move

The Farmingville Historical Society Board met with developer Michael Kelly on January 30, 2016 to take a closer look at the historic firehouse that exists on the property that he currently owns. Michael Kelly is the developer for the future arboretum project on Portion/Horseblock Road, across the street from the 1850 Schoolhouse.

The firehouse structure is in good condition and is a very large structure.  If it can be moved, the Farmingville Historical Society would like to propose a move to the schoolhouse property and  utilize the space for a museum that would promote local artists, events, dances, and future fundraisers.

We met with Michael to view the historic firehouse and and assess its condition.

Historic Farmingville Saw Mill

At the end of February, 2016, the Farmingville Historical Society and Michael Kelly will be coordinating a meeting with a professional moving company who will assess whether the firehouse can be moved. If it can be moved, they will also assess how to most effectively move it, given it is a very large and tall building and there are also electric wires that need to be bypassed when crossing Portion Road.   The Firehouse was moved one other time from the Hanrahan community to its current location.

There is also a historic Saw Mill building on Michael Kelly’s property. The building cannot be salvaged based on what we can see.  However, there are some visible artifacts including a Farmingville Saw Mill sign.  Before the Saw Mill is removed, the Farmingville Historical Society will pull out any historic artifacts from the building.

More to come on this exciting historical project!

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Jennifer Ross is a Board Member of the Farmingville Historical Society. She is very focused on developing and expanding the Society's local history education programs both in-person and virtually. She hosts field trips to the One-Room Schoolhouse and history lectures at local elementary schools and designed the new One-Room Schoolhouse Virtual Education Program.