One room Bald Hill School House

The Farmingville Historical Society was formed in 1992 to preserve and restore the Bald Hill One-Room Schoolhouse.  The Bald Hill Schoolhouse is a one-room Greek Revival Schoolhouse built-in 1850.  The Schoolhouse served the Farmingville community until 1929. After 84 years of being closed, the Schoolhouse was re-opened in November 2013 to educate the community through a virtual one-room schoolhouse course, student field trips, history speaker presentations, and other historic events.  In addition to the Schoolhouse, the Farmingville Historical Society is focused on preserving and restoring the Elijah Terry House and relocating, restoring, and preserving the historic Hanrahan Firehouse.  Subscribe to our email list and we will keep you posted on our progress and invite you to our events.

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