Terry Family

Richard’s father’s 3 children:

  • Thomas Terry (b. 1607 in England, emigrated to Springfield, MA in 1638, d. 1671 or 1672) m. Marie unknown maiden name
  • Richard Terry (b. August 17th, 1618 in England, emigrated to Springfield, MA in 1638, d. May 1676 in Southold, Long Island, NY) m.(1649) Abigail Lines (b. and d. unknown)
  • Robert Terry (b. and d. unknown) – Robert did not go to Southold, NY with his brothers

Richard’s 2 children:

  • Abigail Terry (b. March 7th, 1650)
  • Gersham (I) Terry (b. November 7th, 1652 in Southold, Long Island, NY, d. March 14th, 1724 or 1725) m. Deborah Wells (b. 1662, d. October 27st, 1729)
  • Nathaniel Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • Richard Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • John Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • Robert’s possible child John Terry m. Elizabeth Wadsworth

Gersham’s (I) 3 children:

  • Gersham (II) Terry (b. September 1683, d. February 27th, 1724) m. Mary unknown maiden (b. unknown and d. unknown)
  • Constant B. Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • Elizabeth Terry (b. and d. unknown) m. Alfred Smith (b. and d. unknown)

Gersham’s (II) 3 children:

  • Gersham (III) Terry (b. 1710 in Coram, NY, d. 1777) m. Mary Wells (b. November 1st, 1733, d. c. 1749) then m. Bethia Wells (b. c. 1727, d. November 11th, 1799 in Cutchogue, NY)
  • David Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • Mary Terry (b. and d. unknown)

Gersham’s (III) 3 children:

  • Timothy Brewster Terry (b. January 29th, 1732 in Mattituck, NY, d. August 23rd, 1796) m. Elizabeth Davis (b. January 6th, 1746, d. July 28th, 1842)
  • Daniel Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • Elijah Joshua Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • Joseph Terry (b. and d. unknown)

Timothy Brewster’s, or simply Brewster, 12 children:

  • Mary Terry (b. August 1st, 1765, d. unknown)
  • Daniel Terry (b. August 11th, 1767, Coram, LI d. September 20, 1846, Farmingville, LI) m. Lydia Ann Homan (b. August 5, 1775 and d. January 15, 1851, Farmingville, LI, NY; married August 31, 1794)
  • Brewster Terry (b. March 29th, 1770, d. unknown)
  • Charlotte Terry (b. March 5th, 1772, d. unknown)
  • Joshua Terry (b. May 28th, 1775, d. unknown)
  • David Terry (b. April 3rd, 1777, d. unknown)
  • John Terry (b. August 22nd, 1780, d. unknown)
  • Elizabeth Terry (b. February 26th, 1782, d. unknown)
  • Nancy Terry (b. June 11th, 1784, d. unknown)
  • Elijah Terry (b. February 14th, 1787 in Coram, NY, d. September 26th, 1850 in Farmingville, NY) m. (June 6th, 1825) Caroline Overton (b. May 28th, 1802, d. January 4th, 1881), then she m. John G. Barrett
  • John (II) Terry (b. October 2nd, 1790, d. unknown)
  • Frances Terry (b. September 7th, 1794)

Daniel’s Children: (only 2 documented; may be more)

  • Ebenezer Terry (b. 1805, d. unknown)
  • Mary Ann Terry (b. December 28, 1802; married December 1, 1821 to Davis Overton Jr.; died May 17, 1883; Davis Overton Jr. b. September 21, 1799; d. May 11, 1857)

Elijah’s 3 children:

  • Harriet Frances Terry (b. December 4th, 1826, d. September 6th, 1909) m. Minor Norton (b. March 3rd, 1825, d. October 27th, 1891)
  • Hiram Elijah Terry (b. 1830, d. 1903) m. (June 1st, 1853) Frances May unknown maiden name (b. February 11th, 1831, d. September 17th, 1904)
  • Mowbray Whitman Terry (b. March 22nd, 1833 in Farmingville, NY, d. January 23rd, 1879 or 1878) m. Olive Ann Phillips (b. July 1st, 1834, d. November 2nd, 1901)
  • Sarah E. Terry (b. December 29th, 1842, d. March 3rd, 1846)

Hiram’s 6 children:

  • Franklin Irving Terry (b. April 13th, 1854, d. March 10th, 1922) m. Minnie L. unknown maiden name (b. 1866, d. 1938)
  • Charles Wilson Terry (b. November 12th, 1855, d. March 4th, 1912) m. Carrie Elizabeth Overton (b. March 30th, 1863, d. March 28th, 1940)
  • John A. Terry (b. 1859, d. 1925) m. Fannie Simpson (b. 1865, d. 1944)
  • Fanny Maria Terry (b. 1861, d. unknown)
  • Nellie May Terry (b. 1869, d. 1944)
  • Allen Everett Terry (b. 1874, d. 1938)

Mowbray’s 8 children:

  • Caroline Elizabeth Terry (b. November 13th, 1858, d. May 28th, 1859)
  • Marilla Elivan Terry (b. August 27th, 1860, d. May 11th, 1957) m. (May 30th, 1880) Joseph Gilbert (b. and d. unknown)
  • Eliza Semanthy Terry (b. February 22nd, 1862, d. October 8th, 1885)
  • Emma Jane Terry (b. July 5th, 1864, d. October 8th, 1935) m. (November 11th, 1886) William Thomas Clark (b. and d. unknown)
  • Septer Elijah Terry (b. December 17th, 1866, d. March 1st, 1946) m. Luella M. Pierce (b. 1873, d. 1932)
  • Clara Belle Terry (b. March 7th, 1869, d. February 23rd, 1910) m. (April 4th, 1889) Albert M. Randall (b. and d. unknown)
  • Mary Gardiner Terry (b. December 15th, 1870, d. July 15th, 1870)
  • Adren Phillips Terry (b. 1874, d. February 28th, 1949) m. Laura May Dare (b. August 25th, 1878, d. 1967)

Franklin’s 2 children:

  • Arthur Franklin Terry (b. and d. unknown)
  • Lee Terry (b. and d. unknown but noted to have died at 11 years old)

Emma Jane’s 2 children:

  • Gertrude Ray Clark (b. April 24th, 1889, d. 1947)
  • Wilmot M. Clark (b. 1892, d. 1904)

Clara Belle’s 7 children:

  • Edith Randall (b. and d. unknown)
  • Mildred Randall (b. and d. unknown)
  • Lucille Randall (b. and d. unknown)
  • Albert Randall (b. and d. unknown)
  • Roland Randall (b. and d. unknown)
  • Marion Randall (b. and d. unknown)
  • Unknown child (b. and d. unknown noted to have died young)

Septer’s 2 children:

  • Howard (I) Pierce Terry (b. July 18th, 1890, d. November 21st, 1944) m. Theresa Loretta Reeber (b. March 12th, 1891, d. August, 29th, 1988)
  • Millard (I) Gilbert (b. February 18th, 1896, d. March 1st, 1946) m. (July 29th, 1925 in Patchogue, NY) Helen R. Weeks, then m. (March 1st, 1948) Beulah “Dolly” Davis (b. November 13th, 1910 in Ohio d. 1984)
  • Walter Terry (b. May 28th, 1898, d. unknown)

Arden’s 2 children:

  • Grace Mae Terry (b. 1903, d. 2001) m. William Wentisch (b. and d. unknown)
  • Ruth Terry (b. and d. unknown) m. Leigh Stuart (b. and d. unknown)

Howard’s (I) 2 children:

  • Robert Joseph Terry (b. March 21st, 1921, d. September 1st, 1931)
  • Howard (II) Paul Terry (b. May 24th, 1925 in New York City, d. unknown) m. Anastasia Catherine Fox (b. January 22nd, 1923, d. July 14th, 1980) then m. Judith Meier Terry Hartland (b. January 29th, 1938, d. unknown)

Millard’s (I) 3 children with Helen:

  • Millard (II) Terry (b. January 25, 1927, d. unknown)
  • Jean M. Terry (b. November 16th, 1931)
  • Judith Meier Terry Hartland (b. January 29th, 1938, d. unknown) – Adopted

Found within documents:

Millard’s (I) child with Beulah:

  • Bruce Septer Terry (b. May 18th, 1950, d. unknown)

Found within documents: Church history by Garnet Terry Marshall, son of Beulah “Dolly” Terry. There was no mention of Garnet anywhere else.

Howard’s (II) 4 children with Anastasia:

  • Howard (III) Paul Terry Jr (b. September 4th, 1953, d. unknown)
  • Nancy Ann Terry (b. July 28th, 1955, d. unknown)
  • Joseph Patrick Terry (b. November 15th, 1957, d. December 3rd, 1997)
  • Paul William Terry (b. July 4th, 1963, d. unknown)

The newspaper article “The Terry Farm” from Newsday, dated January 8th, 1976, described a farm which was originally owned by Thomas Terry in 1650. This is most likely the Thomas Terry that immigrated to the British American colonies in 1638 with his brother, Richard Terry. However, Thomas’ family tree is unknown after that. The only descendants of Thomas were Fred Terry and Jonathan Terry, who were mentioned in the newspaper article.

According to the 1775 Brookhaven Records, Richard’s great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren were involved in the American Revolution. The enlisted men were Joseph and Daniel, Jr. Also included but not with the first mentioned men were Elijah, James, and John.

Gersham’s name was found with two different spellings: Gersham and Gershom. This is a common thing with older records.

(compiled by StonyBrook University History Intern, Gene Farmer, 2016)