Terry House

Some of the earliest settlers to Farmingville were Daniel and Elijah Terry.  Elijah Terry was born in 1787 in Coram.  The earliest Farmingville houses were built between 1770 and 1797. The Terry House was built in 1823.  Elijah Terry, the first Schoolmaster in Farmingville, resided and taught school at his House.  The Terry Family owned a significant amount of land in Farmingville in the early 1800′s. Elijah Terry died in 1850, the same year the 1850 Bald Hill Schoolhouse opened.

The Terry House was originally across the street from the Mobile station on the northeast corner of Portion/Horseblock Road and College Road; it was the second house from the corner, sitting very close to the road. Portion/Horseblock Road was originally called Farm to Market Road.

When Horseblock/Portion Road was widened, the House had to be relocated. After being relocated next to the Bald Hill Schoolhouse, the Terry House was damaged by arson.  Reconstruction was halted due to restrictions due to Town Codes.  The Terry House was originally white and will be painted white again once it is completed.

Future Plans for the Terry House

After the Terry House was damaged by arson, it was not reconstructed in accordance with historic standards and is no longer recognized on the Historic registry.  However, the Farmingville Historical Society is planning to restore the Terry House and utilize the building for a historic general store that will be open to the public and for office space.  These plans are in progress.

Click on the link to print a one-page document describing the Terry House:  Terry House