Program Testimonials

“I am excited to be visiting the One Room School House in April again this year.  This will be my third year with my students.  I love to watch them as they are transformed into the 1850’s and learn about what school and life was like back then.  Some students were given chores, they were taken through a typical school day in the 1850’s, and they even got a chance to see what recess looked like back then.  It really makes you appreciate the history of the town you go to school in!”  Ms. Moscatiello, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lynwood Avenue Elementary School, 2016

“Today I went with my son’s kindergarten class to the one room schoolhouse right on Horseblock Road in Farmingville.  Honestly…how many times have I passed that little white house and didn’t know it was a schoolhouse.  Apparently his class is the first class to step foot in there in over 80 years.  One teacher met us as we got off the school bus…as we walked toward school we could hear another teacher ringing the school bell.  The children did some chores to show them how the school day started and wrote on their little blackboards.  I appreciated the fact that we stood up to say the Pledge of Allegiance!  We went out to see the out houses.  They had recess and the teachers showed them how to play with the hoop and stick.  There were some artifacts in the room as well as a picture of a class and one of the teachers, Mary Terry (1900).  Standing at the front door and looking out you are reminded that Horseblock Road was once a dirt road that passed through our communities and everything around was just land…farms…and horses.  But that though was interrupted by cars passing.  I thought it was a great idea for the younger set.  We were there for about an hour and I briefly felt like I was in an episode of Little House on the Prairie.  I think everyone should have a chance to experience this.”  Sachem Kindergarten Mom, 2013