1850 One-Room Schoolhouse Course

34 students

Our virtual One-Room Schoolhouse education program is the perfect way to allow students to continue visiting our 1850 One-Room Schoolhouse and learn about local history. During our virtual one-room schoolhouse education course,  experience what it was like to live and go to school in the 1850s. Visit the inside and outside of the schoolhouse, explore artifacts, and compare today’s schools to the 1850 schoolhouse.   In addition, the course discusses these important topics that help set the stage for everything that was taking place during this timeframe in our American history:

  • The President during 1850
  • The Origins of the American Flag
  • The Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recess & Games that were Played
  • Food during the 1850s & what Students brought for lunch
  • Chores – before, during, and after school
  • 1850-Style Clothing for Men, Women & Children
  • Student Punishments
  • Writing Instruments

Come explore what life was like in 1850!

After you register and pay for the program, the Farmingville Historical Society will send you a login within 24 hours of registration. Click here to register as an individual or group/class. Group/Class registration will require a discussion about your what you are looking for and special group pricing.

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Jennifer Ross is a Board Member of the Farmingville Historical Society. She is very focused on developing and expanding the Society's local history education programs both in-person and virtually. She hosts field trips to the One-Room Schoolhouse and history lectures at local elementary schools, and designed the new One-Room Schoolhouse Virtual Education Program.